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Android has been updated

2008-02-19 07:15:43 by SunHpp

Android flash game on Newgrounds has been updatedd with a % display loader, help page and a few level fixs. Greetings, julien

Android has been updated


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2008-02-25 19:21:21

hey i got your response... and i really appreciate that you have updated it!!!
i just wanted to know how too make myown level?!?!
Oh by the way i really like the game now


2008-02-29 10:48:59

No it hasnt, its just been blammed.


2008-03-25 12:43:50

Good Jorb!


2008-03-27 14:56:08

Hi, SunHpp!

I have been playing Android for a while. It is fun and addictive!

Unfortunately, I have stumbled upon a problem:

The game server for Android doesn't appear to be functioning correctly. I have submitted over 5 different Levels I created, using different names for each, and there are still 61 Custom Levels listed.

If you could help me out with this, I would really appreciate it! This is a good game and I want it to run smoothly.

A final question to other users: Is anyone else having this issue with Android?

If you are, please comment here, or send me a PM. Thank you!


2008-06-22 09:18:48

Great game sorry my review was meant to be a 9!!!! Damnit


2009-05-11 21:34:58

some dick made it be blamed sry